The Nerve Center of Your Smart Home

You can use it to manage any of the devices in your home, access user permissions, and control basic settings like chimes, panel volumes and display options. Arming and disarming your home will likely be the most used feature on the home-screen. You can also control door-locks and garage doors directly from here. Depending on how you customized your Vivint Smart Home system, you may see a temperature display for controlling thermostats. A camera icon for accessing cameras and live video feeds and a toggle option for controlling lamp modules and switches. Finally, the menu icon can be used to access settings and your users and permissions.

Vivint SkyControl™ Panel Key Features

  • Large 7-inch HD touchscreen display
  • Sleek design and elegant user interface with complete functionality
  • Live two-way communication with monitoring center
  • Cellular and encrypted Wi-Fi signals for reliable connectivity
  • Integration with Doorbell Camera to provide interactive “Caller ID” for your front door
  • Internal Backup battery keeps your systems running when power goes out

Complete Security with Advanced Ecrypted Network

Vivint SkyControl panel encrypts smart home signals to secure both video and smart home devices.

Dual Wireless Connections with Backup Battery

100% wireless (cellular + WiFi) makes your system tamper-proof. Even if your SkyControl Panel is removed from its power source, a Monitoring Center will still get an alarm call. Additionally, the rest of your equipment will still function if the SkyConrtol Panel is disconnected.
The SkyControl Panel also features crash and smash protection. If your panel is destroyed by a burglar, an alert will be sent to the monitoring center.

Panic Button for Immediate Help at Emergency

In case of emergency situation and you need immediate help, the SkyControl Panel comes with a panic button to sound the alarm and open instant communication with the monitoring center.