Vivint Firefighter™

The Vivint Firefighter works with your existing wired interconnected smoke detectors. If your smoke detectors are triggered, the Firefighter will hear the alert sound and communicate the alarm through Vivint’s touchscreen panel which is connected to our network of monitoring professionals. The Firefighter adds another layer of fire prevention and protection, ensuring the safety of everyone in the home.

Vivint Flood/Freeze Sensor

Protect your home from harmful water damage and at risk temperatures with the flood and/or freeze sensor.

Vivint Smoke Detector

The Vivint smoke detector is supported by our award-winning 24x7x365 monitoring team and not only detects smoke, but also uses photoelectric detection technology to sense increases in heat as well.

Fire Alarm with SkyControl Panel

If the fire is detected, the Firefighter alarm will sound and a Vivint monitoring center will be alerted.

Nootifications from your mobile devices

You can receive notifications when temperatures drop or moisture levels rise to dangerous levels in or around your home.